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Preservation Services
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Intrarealty’s provides custom preservation services to protect properties that have entered foreclosure, asset management, or have been neglected. We can help preserve the property from weather damage, vandalism, theft, and neglect until a final determination can be made (i.e. selling, tear down, etc.). Our services include sending an inspector to physically review the property, making improvement recommendations and obtaining bids (if necessary) to preserve the property or complete construction. Once accepted, our team can manage the project. In the past, preservation projects have included:


* Maintaining lawn, gardens, etc.

* Closing windows

* Locking doors

* Installing garage doors

* Installing windows

* Changing locks

* Putting a lockbox on a property w/ the code that the lender requests

* Installing roofing

* Boarding up a property

* Wrapping a property with moisture barrier

* Snake infestation removal

* Pool securing

* Winterizing properties

* Research and Retrieval (obtain copies of mortgage, deed, plans, etc.)

* Property information (owner, legal description, open mortgages, liens, property tax)


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